i Ching

I am a lucky girl. Sometime, at the end of the 60’s I was hired as an assistant art director at New York Magazine, formerly the Sunday supplement to the New York Herald Tribune. Everything was possible. Life was filled with many serendipitous moments, “bashert.” In the office, our drawing boards were set up in rows and I sat in front of Merle Peek, a talented illustrator, who introduced me to carrot soup and the iching. For almost 50 years, I have consulted the i Ching, the ancient Chinese Book of Changes, by asking my question, throwing 3 coins, and receiving a reading about the state of my character in that moment. 

There are a lot of scholarly texts, philosophies, and criticisms written about this famous book. I have attempted to read some, but I am mainly interested in the images and their personal meaning that a reading provokes.  A window into coincidence and synchronicity in my life, like being seated at the drawing board in front of Merle.

Artwork Coming Soon.