I learned from my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Chast, that a good question can open up a dialogue to a great answer. It can bridge the gap between “where you are,” to “where you want to be.” 

Below are some of the talks that answer some of the questions I have been asked.

Where Do You Sit in Life?

Chairs are history, power and identity. Chairs hold us, and they hold meaning and our imaginations. And chairs raise questions: Where do I sit in life? Am I sitting where I want to sit? How can I get to where I want to sit? I explore chairs, their role in raising humans off the floor and above animals, and why sitting is never just sitting.


Creativity in the Workplace

Any human organization must juggle internal contradictions – the need for efficiency and bottom line with creativity and innovation. I focus on what it means for the individual and the company to be creative in the workplace, as well as overcoming the obstacles. Creativity is ultimately a decision.


The Branding Workshop

Competitors can knock off your product, or build a similar manufacturing process but they cannot own your brand. It is one of the most important assets a company can have; it can create loyalty leading to sustainable profitability, and it builds equity. This workshop will give you the understanding and tools to create or refine brands.



Equity Pyramid


Navigating Change

In a complex world where social and economic forces challenge organizational vision and strategy, understanding how to manage yourself and others through transitions can help to create success. This talk will focus on the internal shifts that need to take place during transitions, leading to productive teamwork.